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The energy industry is in transition. We need a sustainable future, and you know it. In this fast-changing environment there are plenty of opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs. People with great ideas and the guts to go with it. Innovation separates leaders from followers. Which one are you? Would you like to become a leader in the sustainable energy industry? Then Startup Fast Track is made for you.

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Are you seeking to turn your energy idea into a sustainable and profitable business? Or have you already started your own energy related company but you need the right boost? Energy Academy Europe, Engie, VentureLab North, EnTranCe, Value050, Hanze University of Applied Sciences and University of Groningen have created Startup Fast Track, and we are committed to put you on the right track.

We believe that your powerful ideas could hold the energy solution the world is waiting for. You bring your idea, give your blood, sweat and tears, and we provide a tailor-made business acceleration programme with funding, coaching and expertise. For free. Together we can increase your chance to become a successful Energy Entrepreneur.

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If you are dreaming of making a profit with your energy idea or business, why not dream big? Startup Fast Track is unique in The Netherlands. We believe that innovative ideas like yours need tailor-made support and specific expertise. Energy related expertise, that we have. Together, we decide what’s right for you. We provide you with access to training courses, dedicated and renowned coaches, and the know-how of the greater network of all partners involved in Startup Fast Track. Also, we provide lab space and unique testing facilities. And let’s not forget about media exposure!

Let’s talk business.

In our view, an innovative Energy Startup is not necessarily something technical. Sure, next-generation solar cells are interesting, but we want to look further. An Energy Startup could also be a consultancy that helps other businesses save energy. Or it could be a social networking website designed to help people start their own local energy services. Do you want to join Startup Fast Track?

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